HAO TV CEO, SUNG KEUN KIM : Korean Culture is going to be a hit

HAO TV CEO, SUNG KEUN KIM : Korean Culture is going to be a hit

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For the past two decades, Korean music, TV dramas and movies have gained great popularity over the world. We called this Korean wave or Hallyu, referring to the global craze for Korean culture. Its entertainment is undoubtedly one of Korea’s largest industry. For example, the world’s most popular male idol group BTS, was nominated for the Grammy Awards for three consecutive years. They also broke the record and became four-times “Billboard Music Award” winners. The movie “Parasite” and “Minari” won the “Oscar Award” for two consecutive years. While other industries were impacted by COVID-19, the strength of Hallyu remains unbreakable.

SUNG KEUN KIM, who served as an Asian consultant for the Korean drama “Descendants Of The Sun” and Taiwan’s blockbuster film “Gatau”, is currently the CEO of South Korea’s HAO TV. With his 20 years of experience in entertainment industry and his unique vision for the future of Hallyu, SUNG KEUN KIM has co-founded HAOBITS with the founder of HollyGold, Dior Wu. The application of blockchain technology and Hollywood’s resources, will create a brand-new experience for Hallyu audiences.

HAOBITS has become a strategic partner with HollyGold, which can provide the greatest Hollywood resources. HollyGold has been working on creating an ecosystem for the entertainment, using RVR(Reality-Virtual-Reality) to create a new relationship between businesses and consumers. While HAOBITS collaborates with HollyGold, a new lifestyle with blockchain tech will be created. HAOBITS Lifestyle will be focusing on how to connect each individual together while make sure every voice is listened.

HAOBITS Will Create a New Era in Global Entertainment Industry

SUNG KEUN KIM believes that Taiwan is the country with the strongest cultural tolerance. Taiwanese have gradually become the target of the South Korean entertainment companies. HAOBITS will set up a performing arts academy with Stargate Academy, integrating world-class certified celebrity training program to cultivate potential idols. The Korean government have been providing strong support and promotion for the development of Hallyu culture. They believe that the Hallyu culture will help Korea establish their position in Asia, but also expand their entertainment industry to the world.

SUNG KEUN KIM said that in addition to promoting Korean entertainment industry to the world, combining AI, big data, IoT and blockchain technology is the key of success. HAOBITS will create an environment where everyone can participate in screenwriting, TV/film production, building a strong consensus to truly manifest their organizational view. HAOBITS will also build theatres and create film distributors to become the lead of the Korea’s entertainment industry.

Giving Back to the Fans

According to the data, Korean idols are getting more attention because more than 70% of their fans have purchased their merchandises. These fans are not only incredibly young, but also have extremely high consuming power. HAOBITS is committed to giveback more to the fans, altering their love for the celebrities into real rewards.

HAOBITS will not only bring excitements to entertainment industry, but also providing access to participate in celebrity audition and limited events. “Hallyu All Around The World!” It is assuredly to say that Hallyu will dominate the world entertainment industry in the near future.