HGOLD listed with EZDex, Decentralized Exchange

HGOLD listed with EZDex, Decentralized Exchange

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The recent listing of Coinbase on Nasdaq, resulted in market cap that quickly exceeded $100 billion. This represents a major milestone for the crypto currency industry. Another major trend that is emerging in the crypto industry is the movement from Centralized Exchanges to Decentralized Exchanges. At the cutting edge of this conversion is EZDex. EZDex is a new and innovative decentralized exchange, offering many unique features that are not available on many exchanges. EZDex, with its revolutionary concept, has officially launched on April 19th, 2021. It is bringing a unique and promising experience for users of crypto currency.

Crypto currency is a fast-growing industry and is ever adapting and improving. At the very core of cryptocurrency culture is decentralization. Yet, when we refer to most major exchanges, they are centralized, which have some inherent risks. One of these risks is that in centralized exchanges, cryptocurrencies are concentrated in the single exchange wallet, which is tempting for hackers to focus on concentrated attacks on the exchange wallet. As opposed to decentralized exchanges, the token or coins are held in the wallet of the investors.

Decentralized exchange represents the purest form of a free capital market society. It is governed by smart contracts, owned by its members. Tokens or Coins are held by the owners in their own wallets and not in centralized exchange wallets. EZDex is working hard on building a safe and efficient decentralized platform for crypto traders, hence giving back decision making power to the people involved in the platform. It also allows users of EzX coins a chance to participate and share on the profit of the exchange. As a result of this defining moment, moving exchanges from centralization to decentralization has become a powerful trend.

As an initial strategic partner of EZDex, HGOLD has its first Defi project on EZDex. It is one of the first tokens to be listed on EZDex. HollyGold users can stake their HGOLD tokens and earn EZX tokens. After the initial IEO process, EZX tokens can be used to swap for currencies inside the EZDex exchange. At the moment, there are already 500,000 HGOLD sign-ups for this Defi project. Furthermore, HollyGold is the world’s first blockchain venture that has its start as an existing thriving business in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

HollyGold has three world patents: encrypted card, cold wallet, and BVM/BTM, which allows easy solutions for everyone to access crypto currencies. These patents will have real-world applications, which was applied successfully at the Spring Wave music festival in Taipei with over several thousand attendees and a large numbers of merchant participants. As a result of this smash-hit application, HollyGold will be applied at the Stan Lee Comic Con, the World-famous TCL Chinese Theatre, future entertainment events, as well as many business products and services. HGOLD will be used to purchase merchandise at these events through HollyGold POS system. The excitement of this collaboration between HollyGold and EZDex is unprecedented!