HollyGold and TCL Chinese Theatre hold premiere of Wesley’s new film

HollyGold and TCL Chinese Theatre hold premiere of Wesley’s new film

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(MENAFN – Hmedium.com) HollyGold and TCL Chinese Theatre jointly premiered the new film of Wesley Snipes, the protagonist of the Blade trilogy.

HollyGold, a new blockchain film investment company with a Hollywood film and television background, and its partner company TCL Chinese Theatre have jointly premiered the new film Coming 2 America featuring Wesley Snipes, the lead character of the Blade from Marvel comics.

The Blade trilogy starring Wesley Snipes has grossed $400 million at the box office worldwide. Wesley Snipes’ heroic image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of movie fans. Thanks to the previous global box office record, the new film Coming 2 America, with his leading role, is bound to win excellent global evaluation and high box office. HollyGold not only uses the patented technology of blockchain cryptocurrencies to issue HGOLD, but also combines the vast resources of Hollywood film and entertainment. It is issued with the goal of grounded application. Since Musk announced the major news that Tesla electric cars can be purchased with Bitcoin in early February, the value of cryptocurrency has entered a new era where landed application is the norm. In the foreseeable future, the only way for blockchain cryptocurrencies to create greater value and price is to make landed applications. Only through the application of the consumer market, the value of digital currency consensus will be quickly recognized and accepted by the majority of consumers. HGOLD’s precise market vision far exceeds Musk’s current cognition. Through the global influence of Hollywood film and television resources, fans all over the world are immersed in film and television entertainment life. HGOLD enables people to get in touch with the use ecology of blockchain cryptocurrency without discomfort while enjoying film and television entertainment, so as to recognize and recognize the value of HGOLD more quickly and form a value consensus.

In the unique global film and television entertainment landing ecology created by HGOLD, besides buying a popcorn through small consumption, HGOLD can be used to invest in Hollywood movies. Every holder of HGOLD can become an investor to Hollywood movies. HGOLD’s original market repurchase mechanism is scarce in the open market. At present, it has destroyed 407,831 HGOLD at the contracted open source address in March 2021, so that the market value has unlimited room for appreciation. Therefore, the application ecology created by HGOLD has a rare opportunity of “double price preservation” in terms of specific market price and actual investment value. Just like the mission of HGOLD and the meaning of its slogan “We are New Hollywood”, HGOLD not only makes all holders of HGOLD become investors to Hollywood movies, but also enables holders of token to enjoy the richness and enjoyment of Hollywood star life.

HollyGold, a new Hollywood film investment company with blockchain technology, creates a new movie experience from Hollywood. Welcome to the new gold rush and keep your eyes on the gold.