HollyGold makes contemporary sculpture art Balloon Dog the protagonist in Hollywood

HollyGold makes contemporary sculpture art Balloon Dog the protagonist in Hollywood

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(HollyGold CEO Ruanhong Wu and the world’s most expensive artist Jeff Koons’ work Balloon Dog)

On September 16th, HollyGold, a new film and television entertainment company, completed a cross-border value transaction with the Taipei art collection circle. The two parties reached a consensus with the Taipei contemporary art collectors with HGOLD tokens and completed the cooperation with American contemporary artist Jeff Koons (杰(Fu, Koons) works Balloon Dog.

The CEO of HollyGold, Mr. Ruanhong Wu, said, “The acquisition of Balloon Dog with HGOLD as the medium of value exchange not only proves that HollyGold has succeeded in creating a new global film and entertainment industry business model, but also allows HollyGold to have Hollywood cultural cross-border cooperation. In the field of contemporary sculpture art, this achievement can be used as an important milestone in the circular economy of tokens. The subject of this transaction is the global limited sculpture Balloon Dog (balloon dog) created by American artist Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons); United States Contemporary artist Jeff Koons (Jeff, Koons) is a well-known pop artist. His work is an indicator of contemporary art and a symbol of popular culture. He has the title of “the most expensive artist in the world.” Through his works, we can feel the festival And the joy of the party.”

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog “Balloon Dog” is precisely based on this concept. It has a lovely round shape and bright and saturated colors. Its surface is flawless like a mirror. The colors are gorgeous and exquisite. It can be called one of the classics of all modern sculptures.

His modern sculpture was sold for 58.4 million U.S. dollars at a New York auction on November 12, 2013. It is currently the most expensive contemporary art sculpture. In response to the HGOLD cross-border value exchange application, collectors said that the link between the collection value of artworks and HGOLD based on blockchain commercial applications is also a big step forward for the art collection industry. The features of the block chain, such as non-tampering, traceability, etc., make the authentication, valuation, and value storage of art collections safer, and the rights and interests of collections and collectors can be protected, allowing the value of art collections to last forever. The successful completion of the value exchange with contemporary art through HGOLD this time, the meaning behind it, represents the cross-border cooperation between Hollywood film and television entertainment resources and contemporary art collections, complementing each other, mutually beneficial, and opening a new attempt in the art collection world.