The 5th WHATs NEXT! 5G Summit

The 5th WHATs NEXT! 5G Summit

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Hollywood officially announced the formation of HollyGold with the godfather of blockchain Dior Wu Formulate a new era for the global film entertainment industry

The 5th annual “What’s NEXT 5G Summit” was held on August 12 at Shangri-La International Hotel, Taipei. After four consecutive years of successful holding in Taiwan, the summit has become the most influential annual seminar in blockchain, FinTech, AI, Big Data, etc.  This summit is even more meaningful when the 5G business transaction begins in Taiwan.  The organizer specially invites the Ministry of Transportation, Lin Jialong, Chairman of the National Development Council Gong Mingxin. Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affiars Committee, Tong Zhenyuan, Political Commissar of the Executive Yuan, Tang Feng, Mayor of Taipei City, Ke Wenzhe, Members of the Legislative Yuan, Gao Hongan and Qiu Chenyuan, and all parties specializing in industry, government, education and research of opinion leaders, participate in discussions and display results.

The biggest Easter egg in this conference was Mr. Kevin Robl, the cultural adviser to President Trump of the United States, also a well-known Hollywood film investment financier.  He congratulated us on a successful conference.  Dior Wu, known as the godfather of blockchain in Taiwan, has many patented technology and implementation of blockchain application.  In the video, Mr. Robl mentioned that he had invited Dior to joint and form the HollyGold company.  HollyGold will implement blockchain technology to the Hollywood film industry and will offer a new type of digital currency called HGOLD.  Also, in the video, Mr. Robl praised Taiwan’s technological strength.

In the presentation, there was also a congratulatory video from Dan Wolfe, the CEO of Wolfe Air.  Dan Wolfe specifically promised in the video that Wolfe Air will accept HGOLD as the company’s trading and circulation medium.  In another video, TK Wong, CEO of Gaia Studio, announced that “The 2021 Stan Lee’s Comic Universe”, known as the Stan Lee Comic Con, will be held in Taiwan in cooperation with HollyGold.  HGOLD will also become a payment tool at the event. Dior Wu also stated, “HollyGold has direct resources from Hollywood, with all the resources we have, I believed that HGOLD can bring revolutionary changes and create new business model to Hollywood and the global entertainment and film industry.”

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1. In the WHATs NEXT 5G Summit, KEVIN ROBL, as the cultural adviser to President Trump, congratulated the summit on its success

2. The founder and CEO of HollyGold