Everything We Know So Far About Willy’s Wonderland

Everything We Know So Far About Willy’s Wonderland

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In Willy’s Wonderland, Nick Cage battles evil children’s animatronics come to life at an abandoned theme park as he fights to survive until morning.

Originally introduced under the title “Wally’s Wonderland,” the upcoming horror film Willy’s Wonderland brings Nicholas Cage back to the genre as a janitor trying to escape from a hellish amusement park filled with demonic animatronic animals. With Cage’s recent renaissance in surreal horror films like Mandy and Color Out of SpaceWilly’s Wonderland promises to be an amazing experience.

In addition to Nicholas Cage in the central role, Willy’s Wonderland will also star Emily Tosta of Mayans MC, Beth Grant from No Country For Old Men, Ric Reitz of The Resident, and Chris Warner best known for Machete. The project is expected to come to screens in late 2020 or early 2021 depending on delays.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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The new film has trended on Twitter multiple times in 2020, showing horror fans are clearly interested in the idea of Willy’s Wonderland. While the animatronics and premise of Willy’s Wonderland seems to hold a striking resemblance to popular video game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, it’s clear that the story is unique enough to garner attention.

Willy’s Wonderland Release Date

Willy's Wonderland Nicholas Cage Sign

Willy’s Wonderland was first announced back in October 2018, starting filming soon after in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s being directed by Kevin Lewis (The Drop), a relative newcomer to the horror genre. The script for Willy’s Wonderland, written by G.O. Parsons, was high on the Blood List, a survey of some of the best unproduced thriller and horror scripts voted upon by industry professionals. Production on Willy’s Wonderland began in January of 2020, and the film is set to premiere at the American Film Market in November 2020. It’s unknown yet if the release or festival will be delayed due to COVID-19, but so far no delays have been announced and the film is on schedule for a November premiere, with public release dates to come.

The film is already a success in international sales, capturing the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Latin America out of the Cannes virtual market. In a recent comment to THR, Foresight Unlimited Chairman Mark Damon said, “Certainly, part of the reason Willy’s Wonderland is selling so well, is the spike in demand for mid-range genre thriller titles with a name actor attached. But particularly since this film has the makings to become a cult classic, and after showing buyers footage, they are believers as well.

Willy’s Wonderland Story Details

Wallys Wonderland Behind the Scenes Animatronic

Willy’s Wonderland will follow The Janitor, played by Nicholas Cage, as he finds himself stranded in a remote town – his car breaks down and he is unable to pay a repair shop to fix it. With few options to get home, he agrees to work off his debt as a night janitor at an abandoned theme park, Willy’s Wonderland, full of animatronic characters. However, The Janitor finds out soon enough that Willy’s Wonderland is more than meets the eye. As the animatronics come to life and try to kill him, he’s forced to fight his way from one monster to the next in a desperate race to survive until morning.

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The director, Kevin Lewis, discussed his vision for the film with Deadline, saying, “For me there was always one actor and one actor only who could make this movie work, and that actor is Nick Cage. I’m thrilled to be working with him and can’t wait to see him go up against Wally and his gang of psychopathic misfits. I see this movie as Pale Rider vs Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Clearly audiences are in for a treat with this surreal horror film, especially based on the director’s own description, the success Willy’s Wonderland has had with international markets, and, of course, Nicholas Cage.