Dior Wu,Taiwan’s blockchain expert and a world leading authority in cryptocurrency, has partner up with Hollywood to create a new cryptocurrency

Dior Wu,Taiwan’s blockchain expert and a world leading authority in cryptocurrency, has partner up with Hollywood to create a new cryptocurrency

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By: Hmedium.com

June 04, 2020 at 11:48 AM EDT
Recent global event with Covid 19 has caused the world to rethink how society will function.  As we have learned from history, as society evolves, so does the way it conducts business and financial transactions.  Encrypted digital finance technology has not only become necessary in this modern era, but it is leading the way financial transaction on done.   For example, the People’s Bank of China has already begun accepting and using digital currency.

Dior Wu is the founder and CEO of BitSense Technology.  Dior Wu has many years of experience in the area of application of blockchain encryption digital currency as it relates to commercial transactions. Recently in Taiwan, Dior has created several blockchain cryptocurrencies which was successfully used in large real estate transactions as well as small transaction, such as purchase of a cup of coffee.  Dior continues to be a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency, creating blockchain technology that makes transactions easier for the general public to adopt, such as his patented blockchain encryption card, application wallet, cold wallets, and AI digital currency smart vending machine.  

Last year, Dior Wu met with several leading Hollywood film production companies and producers in Taiwan.  Because Dior had already created a successful proven working model in Taiwan for a cryptocurrency ecosystem.  The Hollywood producers, production companies, and Dior Wu saw an opportunity to revolutionize the Hollywood entertainment and cryptocurrency industry, by partnering up with each other.  Both Hollywood and Dior brought something unique to the table:  Hollywood, with its international and marketing reach, and Dior, being a leading authority in cryptocurrency, both saw the opportunity to create something new, exciting, and explosive way of doing business both in the entertainment as well as the cryptocurrency industry.

After many months of discussions, a strategic partnership and  agreement were formed between the Hollywood’s leading production companies and Dior Wu.  The agreement was to create a new business model and a new Hollywood cryptocurrency.  This was done by combining the existing patented crypto technology and crypto ecosystem in Taiwan and the power of Hollywood entertainment.   For this cooperation, Dior Wu said, “What we are creating is not hype, but we are taking solid, credible, and existing successful Hollywood production companies and combining it with our proven cryptocurrency technology and cryptocurrency ecosystem.  It is the marriage of the best from both worlds, with endless possibilities”

As future expectation for entertainment content continues to grow, with online streaming and more accessibility, and as worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrency also continue to grow, this combination is worth paying close attention to.