Wu Ruanhong, CEO of Bitsun Technology: I hope that consumers will be able to obtain cryptocurrencies more easily and easily in the future!

Wu Ruanhong, CEO of Bitsun Technology: I hope that consumers will be able to obtain cryptocurrencies more easily and easily in the future!

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Bitsun Technology is a technology startup that is committed to making the application of blockchain technology more accessible. In addition to launching cryptocurrency-related products, Bitsun Technology also actively operates the cryptocurrency community, coaches enterprises to develop blockchain applications, and assists in incubating cryptocurrency projects.

For institutions that want to issue cryptocurrencies, Binance Technology provides a listing service to help new companies create more investment opportunities for investors through ICO financing. In addition to the Yangtze River Jade Coin that is assisting incubation, the current Binance Technology Technology has successfully assisted the listing of cryptocurrencies such as SOX and SoloCoin (SOLO).

Behind the scenes, the leader of the currency technology is Wu Ruanhong, the CEO of the currency technology.

Wu Ruanhong, who has been studying blockchain technology for many years, said that Bisheng Technology focuses on expanding the application of blockchain, hoping to connect with consumers in the real world, so that consumers can easily obtain cryptocurrencies offline.

“In the past, to buy bitcoin, you had to cross a very high threshold, not only to register wallets and exchanges, but also to pass KYC certification.” Feeling that consumers are not easy to obtain cryptocurrency, CoinStory has launched several items to optimize the user experience Targeted products include encryption cards, card-type fingerprint identification cold wallets, and encryption currency vending machines.

With the encryption card invented by Bitsun Technology, digital currency will no longer be a virtual currency that consumers can’t see and see, but can be transformed into a ticket and become a cryptocurrency vending machine (BVM). The purchased entity. Consumers do not need to go through complicated procedures to obtain a cryptocurrency wallet, as long as they spend a little change, they can easily have the first cryptocurrency in life.

Not only selling crypto cards, cryptocurrency vending machines also have multiple functions such as mobile payment, wireless charging, interactive advertising, and cryptocurrency mining. It is hoped that this will attract consumers to enjoy electricity and internet when visiting cryptocurrency vending machines While waiting for the service, he became interested in cryptocurrency and even willing to buy cryptocurrency.

In addition to actively promoting cryptocurrencies, Bitsun Technology has also developed a patented card-type fingerprint identification cold wallet to meet the needs of users to store cryptocurrencies, hoping to provide users with a channel that can safely store digital assets.

“I hope that in the future, consumers will be able to obtain cryptocurrencies more easily and easily!” Wu Ruanhong expects that in the future, Bisheng will be able to promote the deployment of blockchain applications and the expansion of cryptocurrency vending machines to export technology and products To overseas markets to improve the blockchain ecosystem.

Wu Ruanhong, CEO of Binsheng Technology, will participate in the 3rd “Hit AI & Blockchain” Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Industry Summit on December 19th development trend!

The 3rd “Hit AI & Blockchain” Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Industry Summit 

This summit is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Financial Technology Association, the Asian University Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain International Industry-University Alliance, KNOWING News, and Bitcoin. The co-organizers include the ITA Innovation and Technology Industry Alliance, the Cross-Strait Blockchain Alliance, and the Taiwan Cloud IoT Industry Association, Republic of China No-Store Retail Trade Association, STAR BIT Sida Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Sino-American Economic Cooperation Group, Yangmingshan Future Academy For detailed agenda and registration information, please refer to: https://www.accupass.com/event/1910010736496980650220

Activity time: 2019-12-19 (Thursday) 09:00 ~ 18:00

Venue: No. 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (B2 Lu Room, Sheraton Taipei Hotel)