Wu Ruanhong shares how blockchain can change lives

Wu Ruanhong shares how blockchain can change lives

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[Reporter Liu Jiangshui Tamsui Campus Report] At 2pm on November 28th, the Department of Economics and Jue Sheng Memorial Library held a Blockchain Popular Science Lecture in the Reading Area on the second floor of the library. The event was chaired by Associate Professor Lin Yanling, director of the Department of Economics, and invited Dior Wu, CEO of Blockchain Technology and Blockchain Expert, with the title “Everyone Needs Blockchain-How Blockchain Changes Our Life” Give a speech.

At the beginning of the activity, Wu Ruanhong first shared the changes brought about by technology with his career. After graduating from the advertising department of his university, he entered the electronics industry and then started his own business, involved in industries such as wireless charging, Bitcoin and blockchain. Wu Ruanhong used the example of “will electric lights make money” as an example to inspire everyone to think that there will be a sensor in electric lights in the future. As long as you walk under the light, the electric light will send instructions to your mobile phone: Do you want to turn on the light? Please pay for turning on the lights. The payment form is digital currency. Compared with physical currency, digital currency has the advantages of being unforgeable, decentralized, anti-inflation, inoperable and limited supply. From this, he drew out the three major characteristics of blockchain: decentralization, non-tampering, openness and transparency, and combined with rich cases to illustrate the application of blockchain in logistics, food, education and other industries.

A foreign school student explained that the lecture was very inspiring and gave him answers and a deeper understanding of blockchain and related questions.